Obama Approval Rating Jumps 3 Points After Trump Clinches GOP Nomination

It has been less than a week since Donald Trump has clinched the Republican nomination, and President Obama job approval rating has jumped by three points.

President Obama’s approval rating has jumped from 50% to 53% in the six days since Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Here is the chart via Gallup:


Obama’s disapproval rating has also dropped by three points. President Obama has gained a point a day in net favorability (+6) since Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. The President’s job approval ratings have been on the upswing for months, but Trump has accelerated Obama’s popularity.

The relationship between Trump’s rise and the growing popularity of Democrats is not a coincidence. Donald Trump is not only hurting the Republican Party. He is also helping the Democratic Party.

A big part of the reason why Obama is popular is due to the economy. Gas prices are low, the economy is growing, and the general economic climate is vastly improved from the days of the Bush’s Great Recession.

As the President gets closer to the end of his second term in office, more Americans appreciate the job he has done. Obama not only prevented a depression. He also helped the economy recover while signing legislation that gave 20 million Americans access to affordable healthcare.

Most of all, the Obama administration has been scandal free. The President has conducted himself like a national role model. President Obama has been a good family man and tireless servant of the American people during his time in office.

The presumptive nomination of Donald Trump has given many Americans a new appreciation for the presidency of Barack Obama.