Don’t Be Stupid: Trump Lied About Taxing The Rich And Raising The Minimum Wage

Donald Trump is showing the soul of a sociopath by saying whatever he thinks he needs to say to win. Trump has no intention of ever taxing the rich and raising the minimum wage.

If you read carefully what Trump said about raising taxes on the wealthy on Meet The Press, you’ll see that Trump never actually said that he would raise taxes on the wealthy, “The thing I am going to do is make sure the middle-class gets good taxes, tax breaks, because they have been absolutely shunned. The other thing. I’m going to fight very hard for business. For the wealthy, frankly, I think it’s going to go up. And you know what? I think it should go up.”

Trump said that he thought that taxes should go up on the wealthy. The thought puts him in the same space as Democrats and President Obama. The problem is that Trump’s actual tax policy is a $3.2 trillion tax cut for millionaires.

What to make of this?

He is saying whatever he needs to say to neutralize popular Democratic issues to win in November.

Trump shared the same sort of vague thought that isn’t a policy on ABC’s This Week when asked about the minimum wage, “Well, I am looking at it, and I haven’t decided in terms of numbers. But I think people have to get more.”

Trump’s answer was a promise to raise the minimum wage. It was an opinion. The presumptive Republican nominee has been firm in expressing his belief that wages are too high. In November, Trump told MSNBC’s Morning Joe, “Wages are too high. We are a country that is being beaten on every front – economically, militarily. There is nothing that we do now to win. We don’t win anymore.”

Again, Donald Trump is trying to play the American people for fools. He is not stating policies. Trump is offering opinions that he can take back at a second’s notice.

What should, and does, terrify Republicans is that Trump admitted that all of his positions are lies meant to be negotiating/ points towards getting a deal. During the same Meet The Press interview, Trump said, “Let me explain something, I’m putting in a plan, Chuck. I have to negotiate now with Senators, Congressman, lots of others. The fact that I put in a plan. It really is a floor. That’s what it is, whether we like it or not.”

Donald Trump makes Mitt Romney look sincere. The reason why Democrats can’t take Trump lightly is that he is going to constantly change his positions to win votes. Trump understands that the media isn’t going to fact check him in real time, so he can say whatever he wants. Once again, Republican are nominating a man to be the next president who thinks that voters are idiots.

Trump doesn’t care that he is destroying the identity of the Republican Party with his constant shifting. He doesn’t care about the GOP, and no one should be stupid enough to believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of the leader of the Republican Party./