Hillary Clinton Crushes Trump For Calling For An End To The Minimum Wage


Hillary Clinton put a whooping on Donald Trump after Trump suggested that there should be no minimum wage.

While campaigning in Kentucky, Hillary Clinton responded to Trump’s call for the minimum wage to be ended by saying:

At a time when families are struggling to pay for childcare and so much else, Donald Trump actually stood on a debate stage and argued that Americans are being paid too much, not too little. He’s even talking about getting rid of the federal minimum wage, leaving it totally to the states, to the mercy of Republican governors, who have already cut the minimum wage for state workers. And that’s happened right here in Kentucky

It’s troubling to me because if you’re going to grow the economy, I think it’s kind of obvious you want people to be making money so that they can actually spend it and put it back into the economy… So I think with somebody like Donald Trump, you would see a race to the bottom across our country, with working families paying the price. And I don’t think that’s a risk we can afford. So we have to reject that vision and instead come up with a much more positive one for families and children.

The minimum wage is a powerful issue for Democrats, which is why Trump keeps dancing around the minimum wage issue. The Republican position has devolved from opposing a minimum wage increase to arguing that there should be no minimum wage.


It isn’t hyperbole to say that the Republican position has become so extreme on the minimum wage issue that Democrats would be delighted if Trump ran as the Republican nominee that included a platform of getting rid of the minimum wage.

How far off base are Republicans on the minimum wage issue? Sixty-six percent of Americans support increasing the minimum wage to $10.10/hour. Fifty-nine percent support increasing the minimum wage to $12/hour, and 48% support a $15/hour minimum wage.

The debate that the rest of America is having isn’t should America have a minimum wage, but how high the minimum wage increase should be. Hillary Clinton is going beat Donald Trump like a piñata if he continues to insist that American workers should not earn a minimum wage.