Needy Paul Ryan Is Practically Begging For Attention Ahead Of Meeting With Trump

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:58 pm

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Ahead of his meeting with Donald Trump, needy Paul Ryan is begging America for attention.

In an email to reporters, Speaker Ryan’s office was drumming up attention by pretending like the meeting was not a big story:

An easier way for Ryan’s office to take attention away from the meeting would be if they didn’t send out emails to the press emphatically declaring how unimportant the gathering with Trump is.

Speaker Ryan’s gimmick to be the reluctant hero of the right. Ryan claims he doesn’t want to be Speaker Of The House while he is coveting the Speakership. Ryan says he won’t support Donald Trump then schedules a meeting with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and makes sure the whole world knows about it.

Paul Ryan is one of the neediest politicians in Washington, and he has scheduled a meeting with one of the neediest individuals on the planet. Speaker Ryan’s gimmick is different that Trump’s, but his need for attention is the same. Ryan really believes that he is the genius who is rescuing the Republican Party.

Ryan’s schtick is to pretend that he doesn’t want the circus that Trump is bringing to town when the truth is that the media attention and the carnival of chaos are exactly what he is craving.

Paul Ryan is begging the world to treat his meeting with Trump as if it is some kind of great summit between two titanic leaders, when in reality, Speaker Ryan has already told us what the outcome of the meeting will be.

If Ryan’s past behavior is any indication, the more he says he won’t support Trump, the more you can count on Paul Ryan supporting Donald Trump.

Speaker Ryan is too needy to allow the spotlight to pass him by.

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