Bernie Sanders Coins A New Two Word Attack That Spells Doom For Donald Trump

In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders used two words when talking about Trump that will defeat him in November.


Transcript via MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports:

SANDERS: The general election, as you know, is in November. I think in a race with Donald Trump, Andrea, not only do I think we would win that race, I think we would win it overwhelmingly. Because I think the people of America, the more they see Mr. Trump, understand that he’s a total phony, that what he said yesterday is not what he’s going to say tomorrow. That he is a pathological liar and that he gets a lot of media attention for attacking people but that is going to wear thin.

The American people understand there’s something wrong when they are working longer hours for lower wages, and almost all new income and wealth goes to the 1 percent. They understand there’s something wrong when we are the only major country on earth not to guarantee health care to all of our people or paid family and medical leave.

Bottom line is, the American people are not going to go to an establishment billionaire who changes his mind every day. They want I think a president who has a life history of fighting for working people and prepared to take on big money interests.

Sanders dropped two words on Trump that will doom his chances in November, and they were not “complete phony.” Most voters already know that Trump is a fraud. The soft underbelly of Trump’s campaign that Republicans were never able to exploit is that he is an establishment billionaire.

There is little difference between Trump and Mitt Romney. Just like Romney, Trump is working hard to hide the fact that he has no connection to the struggles and issue that matter to ordinary Americans. Trump’s sales pitch is about making things great and doing good things, but he never expresses and understanding of the struggles of the people who he wants to vote for him.

The reason for his lack of concern and understanding is that Trump is an establishment billionaire. Trump isn’t like the rest of us. His money has always given him access to highest levels of political power within the Republican Party. Trump isn’t the Republican establishment. He is the American establishment.

Bernie Sanders nailed it. The attack that will beat Trump in November isn’t limited to his inability to tell the truth. Donald Trump will lose because he is a walking billboard for billionaire entitlement and economic inequality.

Just as out of touch rich white guy Mitt Romney lost in 2016, even more out of touch richer white guy Donald Trump will lose in 2016.