Maddow Republicans torn asunder by Trump

Rachel Maddow Drops A Truth Bomb By Crushing The Myth Of GOP Resistance To Trump Racism

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:48 pm

Rachel Maddow hit Republicans with a ton of reality bricks by destroying the myth that the GOP is resisting the racism of Donald Trump and his supporters.


Maddow used the case of the William Johnson, the white nationalist who was selected to be a Trump California delegate, to show why Republicans have no problem with Trump’s professional racists running their party.

Maddow said:

Had he remained a Trump delegate, he would have been able to serve in that capacity alongside this man who is also on the list, whose name you probably recognize because he is the number two Republican in Congress under Paul Ryan. Kevin McCarthy was briefly considered to be the next Speaker after John Boehner stepped down last year. The job ended up going to Paul Ryan instead. Kevin McCarthy is second in command for the House of Representatives for the Republican primary, and heading into the California primary he is listed specifically as a would-be convention delegate for Donald Trump.

So the Republican Party is not exactly being torn asunder by Donald Trump being the Republican nominee. There is no heroic resistance, despite what you’ve been reading….These results on the Republican side these are also likely to be the results in the all the remaining Republican contests this year all the way through June 7.

And you know what? The narrative will eventually wither and die that the Republican Party is somehow standing up to Mr. Trump or trying to stop him from becoming the leader of their party in any meaningful way. He is the leader of their party. This is the face of the Republican Party from here on out, and the rest of the country may be troubled by that. But, honestly, despite what you are hearing from the Beltway, Republicans are not troubled by that.

Maddow was correct. The movement to stop Donald Trump died when Cruz and Kasich dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination. The effort to make Republicans look noble against Trump is being generated by members of the Beltway media who are trying to save the GOP from being labeled the party of bigots and racists.

Some journalists have misunderstood why Republicans wanted to stop Trump. The anti-Trump forces were trying to stop him, mostly because they don’t want to lose the election. Republicans have more of a problem with the fact that Trump could lose and cost them the Senate than any of his positions.

Donald Trump is the leader of the Republican Party, and the support of white nationalists like William Johnson existed in the GOP long before Trump was the nominee. There is no bravery on the Republican side, just a long held position of racism and bigotry that the GOP can no longer keep a secret.

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