John Boehner Shows America Exactly Why He Was The Worst Speaker In History

John Boehner put his terrible political instincts on public display again by claiming that he would be surprised if Hillary Clinton had to withdraw from the Democratic nomination and be replaced by Joe Biden.

While addressing the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, Boehner claimed that Clinton may have to withdraw and be replaced by Vice President Biden:

Boehner also expressed his faith in Trump’s ability to win:

John Boehner was a terrible Speaker of the House because his political instincts are horrible. Boehner rose to power in the House because he had an ability to get along on a personal level with everybody in Congress not named Ted Cruz. Once he became Speaker of the House, Boehner spent years making one bad decision after another while being humiliated by the extremists in his own caucus.

The idea that Hillary Clinton will have to magically leave the presidential race is the kind of wish/hope that Boehner ran the House on. Republicans, like Boehner, would love to run against Joe Biden, because it would give them a third shot at running against Obama. Why Republicans think that they would do better against Biden using the same arguments that Obama beat them with twice is beyond logical comprehension.

With his comments about Biden replacing Clinton, John Boehner has moved from being the worst Speaker in history to using applying his natural lack of political instincts to being the worst pundit in history.