Longtime Employee and Friend of Donald Trump Calls for the Execution of Barack Obama

Anthony Senecal, a longtime employee and friend of Donald Trump, took to his Facebook page on Wednesday to say that President Obama is an “enemy agent” and should be “taken out by our military.”

A screenshot of the full quote:

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Senecal, 84, spent nearly 17 years working for Trump as his butler and later took the role of in-house historian at the spray-tanned billionaire’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

When Trump announced his candidacy for president last year, the butler/historian wrote, “Today, my employer and friend Donald J Trump announced he was running for the Office of President of the United States… NO ONE deserves to run for and be elected to this GREAT office, than Mr. Trump. !!!!!”

Aside from Senecal’s god-awful grammar and his loyal service to Trump, it appears one of the man’s favorite hobbies is churning out racist missives about the president on social media. 

In a Facebook post last year, the former Trump butler wrote about Obama: “It is time for our Military to drag that fraud out of the white mosque.”

“If the truth be known this prick needs to be hung for treason!!!” another post stated. 

Senecal has also said that Ferguson, Missouri – the location of the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown – should be “carpet bombed” and referred to Hillary Clinton as a “LYING DECEIVING C**T !!!!!!!” 

When asked by Mother Jones to comment on his most recent rant, Senecal said,”I wrote that. I believe that.”

Let the record show that there is at least one man in this world more unhinged than Donald Trump: his butler.

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