Things Get Worse For Mitch McConnell As Colorado GOP Senate Candidate Has Total Meltdown

A bad day got even worse for Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans today as their chosen candidate in Colorado had a total meltdown and seemed to threaten a reporter with his dog during a television interview.

Marshall Zelinger of Denver7 posted this clip of the Republican Party’s best hope of capturing a Senate seat melting down in Colorado.

Check out the bizarre behavior of candidate Jon Keyser:

Zelinger asked Keyser about forged signatures that has been uncovered on his petitions to get on the primary ballot. Keyser repeated his talking point that he is on the ballot, and then things got really, really strange.

Keyser asked the reporter, “Were you the guy who was creeping around my house yesterday?”

Zelinger, “I knocked on your door.”

Keyser, “You woke up my kids. My baby cried for an hour after that. Did you get to meet my dog?

Zelinger, “I met your dog and your nanny. Your nanny was very kind. Your dog was kind.”

Keyser, “My dog is a great dog. He’s bigger than you are. He’s huge. Big guy. Very protective. Look, here’s the thing…”

Zelinger, “I don’t know what that means.”

After an exchange about the size of the dog, Keyser kept repeating his talking point about being on the ballot. All told the best Republican hope for picking up a Senate seat repeated his talking point eight times in two and a half minutes.

Republican candidates having meltdowns has become the norm in the age of Trump, but Keyser’s behavior was off-putting that it went above and beyond. It is clear that Keyser was threatening the reporter with his big dog. The topic was forged petition signatures, but Keyser changed the subject to his dog with the implied threat being that Zelinger better not knock on Keyser’s door again.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has had a very bad day. He was forced to be joined at the hip with Donald Trump, and now his best hope for picking up a Senate seat may have completely self-destructed. Senate Republicans are hanging on to their majority by a thread, and that thread may have snapped while rambling about his dog./