Bill Maher Says What The Media Won’t: Republicans Created Donald Trump

Bill Maher stomped the effort by corporate media and the right to blame liberals for the rise of Donald Trump by laying the blame for Trump completely on Republicans.


Maher said:

The Federalist says voters like Donald Trump, not so much because they hate Mexicans and Muslims, but because they hate progressive bigotry. No, it’s because they hate Muslims and Mexicans among other minorities. Sixty-four percent of Republicans think reverse racism is a greater problem than racism. Now, that is something that is easily disproved with statistics. So please help me with my dilemma of how I as a liberal fact knower can both not insult you, but also tell the truth.


I’ve been telling liberals when they had spinach on their teeth since 1993. I’ve ridiculed them for everything from offensive Halloween costumes to Islamaphobia. From the self-esteem movement to college campuses forgetting what free speech is, but none of that justifies embracing a dangerous buffoon simply because his lack of political correctness is cathartic.

Trump is your problem, but somehow the party of personal responsibility doesn’t want to take responsibility for this one. Somewhere along the way, the slogan went from make America great again to look what you made me do.

There is an ongoing effort by much of the press to both distance the Republican Party from Trump and find a deeper meaning in his candidacy, but Donald Trump and the GOP are one and the same.

Trump’s presidential run was created by the Republican decision to use racism and bigotry as political weapons after President Obama was elected. The cocoon that nurtured Trump was the conservative media bubble that is fueled by the factless ideological belief reinforcing trinity of Fox News, conservative talk radio, and right-wing websites.

Donald Trump isn’t a response to liberalism. Donald Trump is the natural outcome of running people like Sarah Palin for vice president, and electing extremist Republicans to the House and Senate who believe that saying no to every form of progress is their only job.

Trump is part Sarah Palin, part Fox News, part Mitch McConnell obstruction, part Mitt Romney lies, and all Republican.