Brutally Honest Bernie Sanders Tells His Supporters That He Is Not Their Savior

In a moment of unusual for politics honesty, Bernie Sanders told his supporters that he was not their political savior.


In the middle of his rally in North Dakota, Sanders asked what was the truth? A supporter shouted out, “You.” Sanders said, “No. That is exactly not the truth. The truth is you, not me. If there is any person here, any person here that thinks I’m coming to you as some kind of savior, that I’m going to do it all — all myself, you’re wrong. No president, not Bernie Sanders or anybody else, can do it alone. We don’t need a savior. We need a political movement.”

Two camps developed among those who support Sen. Sanders. The first camp seems to have placed everything on the outcome of the Democratic primary. These are the individuals who think that a Hillary Clinton victory means the end of the universe. They are also the hardcore individuals who have missed the Sanders message, by placing all of their hopes and dreams for the country on the election of one man.

Since before his presidential campaign kicked off, Sen. Sanders has been talking about the need for a revolution in our political process that would give power back to the people. The political revolution is not something that ends after the Democratic primary campaign is over. Sen. Sanders has been consistent in talking about the need for a political movement. In Sanders’ view that political movement is where people should be placing their hearts and efforts.

Betting it all on Sanders winning is exactly the opposite of the message that the Senator from Vermont has been sending. A lesser politician, like Donald Trump, for example, would feed those false hopes that supporters place on candidates to do it all. Sen. Sanders was very honest. Even if he ever became president, he couldn’t do it alone.

The Sanders message has always been that a revolution of millions will change the country more than any one president ever could. If all of Sen. Sanders’ supporters took this message to heart, the conclusion of the Democratic primary would be viewed as a beginning, not as the end.