Second Poll Finds Hillary Clinton Could Turn Georgia Blue For The First Time In 20 Years

A second poll in a week has found that Hillary Clinton could turn Georgia blue in November as she is locked in a statistical tie with Donald Trump.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump are locked in a statistical tie in Georgia, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll that laid bare the deep divide over the presidential race.

Trump’s 4-point lead over Clinton — he’s at 45 percent — is within the poll’s margin of error, meaning neither can confidently claim a state that’s voted for the GOP nominee since 1996. Sprinkled throughout are reminders of the challenges both face in capturing Georgia: dim voter enthusiasm, high unfavorability ratings and deep skepticism from voters.


The poll found independents were split right down the middle over the leading contenders. An additional 13 percent of independents either said they are undecided or support neither candidate.

A poll from WSB2 released last Saturday found Trump edging Clinton 42%-41% in the state. Trump leads with men 46%-39%, but Hillary Clinton leads with women 44%-39%. Clinton leads Trump with African-American voters 73%-9%. Trump leads with white voters 60%-25%. Clinton also leads with Independents 36%-28%, with 38% undecided.

The Clinton campaign is targeting Georgia as one of the red states that they hope to flip in November. If Democrats are able to put Republicans in the position of having to defend reliable red states without having a path to expand the map by adding states that President Obama won in 2008 and 2012, they will find themselves in a great situation on election night.

The reason why Georgia is in play is that changing demographics have made the electorate more diverse than in cycles past. Clinton’s relative strength is Georgia is no fluke as Democrats are gearing up for a Peach State surprise.