Democrats Bust Rick Snyder For Lying To Congress About Flint Water Crisis

House Oversight Democrats have released written responses to questions from Congress to Gov. Rick Snyder about the Flint Water Crisis, and the Governor’s responses reveal that he lied during his Congressional testimony.

Ranking House Oversight Committee Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said in a statement:

The Governor’s written answers to the Committee raise a whole new set of concerns about the accuracy of his testimony before Congress in March. We already knew his testimony was misleading when he claimed he was working closely with the Mayor of Flint—at the same time he was uttering those words, he was withholding from the Mayor a plan to address the crisis he had been working on for weeks.

Now he has reversed his sworn testimony before the Committee and admitted that he did in fact delete some of his emails, and we may never know what they said. Although he claims he was aware of problems with Flint’s water, he repeatedly claims that he can’t recall basic information from that period, and he continues to withhold documents and witnesses from Congress. Despite Governor Snyder’s repeated promises to be transparent and accountable and to cooperate with Congress, his actions are impeding our ability to thoroughly investigate this crisis.

As Rep. Cummings stated, Gov. Snyder is taking actions that are impeding Congress’s ability to properly investigate the Flint water crisis. Rep. Matt Cartwright called out Snyder for his failure to take any real responsibility for what happened in Flint.

The poisoning of the residents of an American city was a criminal act. Gov. Snyder is trying hard to cover his tracks. Rep. Cummings and fellow Democrats need to press for Snyder to appear in front of Congress again because Gov. Snyder must be held accountable for what happened to the children of Flint, Michigan.