Hillary Clinton Puts A Bluegrass Bruising On Trump While Campaigning In Kentucky

Hillary Clinton gave Donald Trump a small taste of what Democrats have in store for him this fall while campaigning in Kentucky.


The former Sec. of State said:

Now some people might say, oh you know, all anybody wants to hear is just ‘I’m gonna do it, but I’m not tellin’ you what I’m gonna do,’ See, I don’t believe that. Maybe in the preliminaries in the Republican primary that’s all they wanted to hear, but Americans take their vote for president seriously. And they’re going to be looking at their TV screen and saying, ‘He still doesn’t have anything to tell us? Wait a minute.’

The message that Hillary Clinton was sending to Donald Trump was that he has stepped up in class compared to the Republican primary. No one is going to be afraid to challenge him in the general election. Trump is going to be able to get away with empty bluster against the Democrats in the fall.

Clinton as Trump nailed already. While the presumptive Republican nominee is spending most his time worrying about his cable news coverage and floating childish insults, Clinton already gets what Trump is going to try to do to win the White House.

Donald Trump is about to get hammered every single day with the kinds of questions that he has not been able to answer. Make America Great Again was a fine slogan for the Republican primary, but voters are going to want more than slogans this fall.

Hillary Clinton is tougher than Donald Trump, and she is going to show it by relentlessly coming after him on the campaign trail. This isn’t Donald and the 17 Dwarves anymore. It is about to get real, and Hillary Clinton is ready for the fight.