Megyn Kelly Tries Her Best to Soften Donald Trump’s Image in Prime Time Interview

In a prime-time interview with Megyn Kelly that aired Tuesday night on Fox, Donald Trump was asked all the softball questions we would expect from the popular Fox News commentator.

The interview touched on such gripping topics as Trump’s previous marriages, how his brother’s alcoholism affected him – Trump claims he has never had a single drink in his life – and whether the presumptive nominee has ever been emotionally wounded by someone.

Kelly also gave Trump ample time to explain away almost all of his transgressions, from his incendiary tweeting to his inflammatory rhetoric. The spray-tanned billionaire did, of course, stop short of admitting to making any mistakes during the campaign. Trump even refused to say it was a mistake to retweet a meme mocking Heidi Cruz’s appearance.

What was abundantly clear during the back-and-forth was that Trump and Kelly have repaired their relationship and were making a concerted effort to portray a softer image of a man whose negative ratings are at historic levels.

If you were hoping to finally hear a substantive, thoughtful policy exchange from a man who could potentially be President of the United States, I’m afraid you tuned into the wrong interview. 

At the interview’s conclusion, Trump said, “If I don’t win, I will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money.”

Something tells me that plenty of folks already feel that way about his campaign.