Let’s Cut Through The Media B.S: Clinton Needs 92 Delegates To Clinch The Nomination

Bernie Sanders is sticking around to fight, but the reality is that Hillary Clinton is less than 100 delegates away from clinching the Democratic nomination.

Here’s NBC News’ updated delegate tracker:

The AP delegate tracker also has Hillary Clinton 92 delegates short of locking up the Democratic nomination.

The reality is that Hillary Clinton is going to lock up the Democratic nomination on June 7. Clinton will probably clinch the nomination before the polls close in California with a win in New Jersey. All of the talk about Democratic discord that the press is chattering about is directly related to the willingness of Bernie Sanders to fight until the bitter end in Philadelphia in July.

Sen. Sanders is going to be faced with an interesting decision if former Sec. of State Clinton wins California. If Clinton win the biggest remaining primary and expands her pledged delegate lead, and the superdelegates refuse to flip to him between June 14 and the convention will Sen. Sanders try to stage a floor fight that he will most certainly lose?

Sanders may take his battle to the convention floor, but Clinton is going to have hundreds of more delegates than he will. She is going to come out of Philadelphia as the Democratic nominee. The only fight left on the Democratic side is whether or not this is going to be done the easy way or the hard way.

The answer to that question rests with Bernie Sanders, but mathematically, Hillary Clinton is going to clinch the Democratic nomination. It is up to Sen. Sanders, and only Sanders, to decide how he exits the Democratic contest.