Clinton Drops A Truth Bomb: “I Will Be The Nominee For My Party. There’s No Way I Won’t Be”

During an interview on CNN, Hillary Clinton stated the obvious. The Democratic nomination process is in effect done, and she will be the nominee.


Clinton said, “I will be the nominee for my party. It’s already done in effect. There is no way that I won’t be.”

When she was asked about Bernie Sanders vowing to fight to the end, Clinton said, “When I came out and withdrew and endorsed Sen. Obama, about 40 percent of my supporters said they would never support him, so I worked really hard to make the case, as I’m sure Sen. Sanders will. Whatever differences we may have, they pale in comparison to the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.”

It is all over but the counting. Bernie Sanders isn’t going to lead in popular vote or pledged delegates. The superdelegates aren’t going to flip to him. That is the reality of the situation. Hillary Clinton needs 90 delegates to wrap up the Democratic nomination. Some Democrats would be happy if Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race today and endorsed Hillary Clinton, but he doesn’t need to do that, and she doesn’t need him to do that.

Clinton is going to be the Democratic nominee. Bernie Sanders and his supporters are dealing with some real grief and disappointment. However, Bernie Sanders isn’t going to do anything that would damage Hillary Clinton’s chances in November. Sanders hasn’t done anything that might harm Democratic odds of keeping the White House, and he is unlikely to change his behavior after the voting ends.

The Bernie Sanders supporters are fighting because they believe in their candidate. They are fighting because they lost, and they don’t like it. The talk from Sanders circles of rigged primaries and conspriacy theories has become common in every election cycle. The idea that their candidate was cheated makes defeat more plausible to suppporters than facing the reality that their opponent got more votes/delegates than they did.

The Democratic primary will go on in name only for a few more weeks, but it is over. If Sen. Sanders wants to hang around until closing time, he’s earned that right. However, the Democratic Party is likely to quickly come together and focus on November.