Hillary Clinton Looks Headed Towards Primary And General Elections Wins In New Jersey

A new Quinnipiac University poll of New Jersey found Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by 14 points in the primary election and Donald Trump by 7 points in the general election.

Clinton leads Sanders 54%-40% in the primary, and Trump 45%-38% in the general election.

According to Quinnipiac University:

The gender and racial gaps are wide in the Clinton-Trump matchup as men back the Republican 46 – 36 percent while women go Democratic 53 – 32 percent. White voters back Trump 48 – 36 percent, while black voters back Clinton 84 – 3 percent.

Clinton leads among all age groups except voters over 65 years old, who back Trump 49 – 40 percent.

Democrats go with Clinton 84 – 7 percent, while Republicans back Trump 78 – 4 percent. Independent voters are divided, with 41 percent for Clinton and 39 percent for Trump.

The odds are good that Hillary Clinton clinches the Democratic nomination before the polls in California close on June 7. More importantly, New Jersey looks like another blue state that Donald Trump will not be flipping to the Republican column in November. Hillary Clinton’s numbers both nationally and in state polls should go up after she clinches the Democratic nomination, so the fact that she is leading Trump through his post clinch bump does not bode well for Republicans.

To date, there has not been a single poll of a state that President Obama won in 2012 that shows Donald Trump leading in 2016. It will be impossible for Republicans to win if Trump doesn’t flip any states that voted for President Obama. Trump thinks that he will win New York and New Jersey, but the polls show that Republicans may have bought some fool’s gold if they are counting on blue states deserting Hillary Clinton and supporting Donald Trump.