Trump Shows He Isn’t Fit To Be President By Blaming Obama For EgyptAir Crash

Without a shred of evidence, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is blaming President Obama for the Egyptair crash that killed 66 people over the Mediterranean.

What is known is that an Egyptair flight departed Paris for Cairo with 66 people on board, and crashed.

The fact that an airplane crashed overseas led Donald Trump to baseless speculation and blaming Obama:

Egypt’s civil air minister said hours after Trump’s tweet that the cause is more likely terrorism than technical, but there has not been any confirmation of the cause of the crash. This has not stopped Donald Trump from both assuming it was terrorism and blaming President Obama.

How Obama could have prevented a plane that has zero connection to the United States from crashing is a point that is only clear in Donald Trump’s mind. It is especially odd for Trump to blame Obama because part of his campaign is based on the belief that the US shouldn’t be the policeman of the world unless the government is being paid.

Trump thinks that Obama should be able to prevent potential acts of overseas terrorism by dawning his red cape and playing Superman all over the planet, but he also believes that the United States shouldn’t be so involved with the rest of the world.

President Obama is supposed to do everything, but that same standard doesn’t apply to Donald Trump.

Trump was trolling in the blame Obama for everything trough of mud that Republicans have tried to score cheap political points with for the last eight years. Trump’s tweet was low-hanging fruit, but it was also the type language and assumption that a potential president should never make.

The sort of baseless and dangerous pandering buffoonery that Trump is engaging in is exactly why he is not fit to be President.