Hillary Clinton Forces Joe Scarborough To Correct A Massive Donald Trump Lie


The Hillary Clinton campaign stopped a Trump lie and a Trump enabler dead in their tracks by forcing Joe Scarborough to correct a lie that Trump uttered during a Morning Joe interview on the air.

Video of Trump on Morning Joe:


Scarborough asked Trump if he would have stayed out of Libya. Trump answered, “I would have stayed out of Libya. I would have stayed out of Iraq too.”

At the time, Trump’s lie generated no pushback from Joe Scarborough.

The Hillary Clinton campaign was listening and they forced Scarborough to correct Trump’s lie on the air:

If the Clinton campaign had not corrected the lie, Joe Scarborough would have happily allowed Trump to ignore the truth at every turn.

Democrats used to rely on the media to fact-check Republicans, but supporters and the party need to change that mindset, and fact check the media every time they interview Donald Trump. Most members of the corporate press give Trump a free pass on most or all of his lies because nearly everything that Trump says is a lie. There are media members who are overwhelmed by Trumps avalanche of lies, but there are also partisans like Joe Scarborough, who intentionally turn a blind eye to the lies.

If it wasn’t for the Hillary Clinton campaign pushing Joe Scarborough and MSNBC to broadcast the truth. Donald Trump would have gotten away with a big lie that could impact national security. The media won’t hold Trump accountable, so Democrats are going to have to put aside their long-held perception that the media values facts, and hold the media responsible for enabling Trump’s lies.