Republicans Launch Effort To Impeach President Obama Over Transgender Bathroom Laws

Republicans in Oklahoma’s state legislature have failed a measure calling for President Obama’s impeachment over federal guidelines against discriminatory transgender bathroom laws.

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Reuters reported:

Oklahoma’s Republican-dominated legislature has filed a measure calling for President Barack Obama’s impeachment over his administration’s recommendations on accommodating transgender students, saying he overstepped his constitutional authority.

Lawmakers in the socially conservative state are also expected to take up a measure as early as Friday that would allow students to claim a religious right to have separate but equal bathrooms and changing facilities to segregate them from transgender students.


The impeachment resolution also introduced on Thursday night calls on the Oklahoma members of the U.S. House of Representatives to file articles of impeachment against Obama, the U.S. attorney general, the U.S. secretary of education and others over the letter.

Republicans in Oklahoma have launched an effort to impeach President Obama because he will not allow them to illegally discriminate against transgender persons. That’s what this is about.

Oklahoma Republicans want Obama impeached because he is standing up for the law and civil rights. Separate but equal treatment of individuals is unconstitutional, but when have Oklahoma Republicans ever cared about the Constitution?
This is the same legislative body that passed an unconstitutional measure that made performing an abortion a felony in the state. The fact that President Obama only has months left in office has done nothing to deter the Republican zeal for impeaching him.

Oklahoma Republicans are the individuals who are passing unconstitutional laws, but they want to impeach President Obama for upholding the law.

Sorry, Republicans, but you can’t impeach Obama for not allowing you to illegally discriminate. If anyone deserves impeachment it is the constitutionally impaired Republicans who are serving in the Oklahoma state legislature.

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