Trump Suggests Only Those Who Give Him Money Will Have White House Access

Trump suggested during a Sunday morning interview that only those Republicans who donate to his presidential campaign will have access to his White House.


When asked about a list of Republican mega donors who are refusing to give him money, Trump said, “These are people that won’t have access to the White House, and they understand that like they do every other candidate. They endorse people like Jeb Bush. They would have had total control over Jeb. They would have had total control over many of the other people.”

Trump’s answer was an admission that his White House would be a pay to play operation.

Trump isn’t self-funding his campaign in the fall. He claimed during the Fox and Friends interview that he would be putting “a lot of money in” for the fall, but the truth is that Trump hasn’t donated a dime to his presidential campaign. The presumptive nominee has been loaning his campaign money, which he will get back from the donations of his supporters.

Not since the days of Richard Nixon has the United States witnessed a candidate who has been so blatant about his corruption. Donald Trump is a corrupt candidate who is under the delusion that government is like a business. Trump thinks that he can bring all of his shady business practices to the White House, and it will make America great.

What Trump said to the mega-donors on Fox News was a shakedown. Trump told the big money Republicans to pay up or get shut out if he wins the White House. Contrary to his boasts, Donald Trump doesn’t have an extra billion dollars lying around. Trump can’t afford to fund his own general election campaign.

Trump is making it very clear to Republicans that only his friends are going to have White House access, and the best way to become a Trump friend is to write a check.