Sanders And Clinton Supporters Come Together In Ohio To Unleash Hell On Trump

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:01 pm

A merging of Clinton and Sanders volunteers who came together to make calls in Ohio was an example of what the unified Democratic Party will unleash on Donald Trump.

Reid Epstein of The Wall Street Journal reported on Trump’s lagging effort to organize the state, and found evidence of unity among Democrats:

About half of the activists interviewed at the Stark County Democratic headquarters said they backed Mr. Sanders during Ohio’s primary, but each said they believe they must work to elect Mrs. Clinton.

“The difference between any Democrat and Trump is so spectacular that I had to come help,” said Tony Collins-Sibley, a 54-year-old cabinet maker from Alliance who wore a blue “Bernie 2016” T-shirt as he phoned potential Clinton volunteers. “Hillary is a boilerplate Democrat with all the traditional views.…I’ll work for her.”

Bernie Sanders supporters are not going to vote for Donald Trump. Those who supported Sen. Sanders are going to work passionately to make sure that the Republican, who is everything that they are fighting against, does not win the White House.

A Hillary Clinton win would be good for Sen. Sanders and his supporters.

A Clinton presidency will likely lead to a Democratic Senate majority, which would result in Bernie Sanders and his message becoming more powerful. The best thing outside of Sanders victory for Bernie supporters is a Democratic victory in the fall because Sen. Sanders will be in a great position if Democrats take back the Senate.

Sanders will be able to carry his message of political revolution and influence policy as a member of the Democratic majority working with a Democratic president.

Sanders supporters are not going to let Trump win. Sen. Sanders has promised that he will 24 hours a day/7 days a week to make sure that Trump does not become the next president. What happened in Ohio was the beginning of the real on the ground Clinton/Sanders coalition to beat Donald Trump.

The united forces of Clinton and Sanders haven’t even begun to unleash the kind of hell that is awaiting Donald Trump and the Republican Party this fall.

Be afraid, Republicans. Be very, very afraid.

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