With His World Falling Apart Paul Ryan Constructs A Fantasyland Where Democrats Vote For Trump

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:00 pm

Faced the with the possibility of his party not keeping the White House and losing the Senate, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan retreated to a fantasy world where mythical Trump Democrats will elect a Republican president in November.

Audio of Ryan on the Off Message podcast:

This exchange as reported by Politico sums all you need to know about how delusional Republicans are:

Is Trump a conservative “at his core?” I asked. He punted.

“You should ask him those questions,” said Ryan. “I’m not the person to be giving you the breakdown of Donald Trump. That’s not my job and responsibility.”

OK, how about Trump’s prospects in November against Hillary Clinton?

Sure, Ryan allowed, he’s got a chance — and he predicts the rise of “Trump Democrats.”

There is no evidence of a Trump Democrats movement. The polling suggests that Trump has zero crossover appeal with Democrats. In fact, there is a strong possibility that Trump will drive waves of women, Hispanic, and African-American voters to the polls to vote for Hillary Clinton in November.
The “Trump Democrats” are the 2016 Republican version of skewed polls. Paul Ryan couldn’t sell Trump as a conservative nominee who will appeal to the middle, so his only hope was to create a world where there are millions of Democratic voters who will not support Hillary Clinton and will instead cast their votes for Trump.

Why would any Democrat vote for Trump? He wants to cut trillions in taxes for millionaires and billionaires. Trump wants to take away healthcare from tens of millions while abolishing the minimum wage. The presumptive Republican nominee floated the idea of punishing women for having abortions. He also wants to deport 11 million immigrants and ban Muslims from entering the United States. Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, has personally benefitted from the same trade deals that he criticizes on the campaign trail, and is the walking embodiment of the income inequality that Democrats are fighting against.

Paul Ryan is months away from an election where his best case scenario might be a Hillary Clinton presidency and a Democratic controlled Senate. His worst case scenario is that the House Republican majority also gets swept out of office, and Ryan goes back to being in the minority, and designing fantasy budgets where the don’t add up.

If Ryan is counting on Trump Democrats to rescue his party, he is more screwed than anyone in the corporate media is willing to admit.

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