Mitch McConnell’s Laziest Senate In History Will Work 6 Days In July And August

Mitch McConnell has taken the Republicans in the Senate from not doing their jobs to not even bothering to show up for work.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Adam Jentleson, tweeted:

Even better, half of the days that McConnell does have the Senate in session in July and August are half days:

Taxpayers are spending millions of dollars on salaries, benefits, and staff for a Senate Republican majority that is only going to put in three full days of work in two months over the summer.

Republicans have scheduled themselves to work the fewest days for a Senate in 60 years. Not only is their obstruction of President Obama historic, but their laziness is also unparalleled in modern America political history.

If Republicans want to really cut back on waste, fraud, and abuse within the federal government a good place to start would be the salaries and benefits that they are being given, but aren’t earning.

The cry of do your jobs is not enough. The American people need to demand something more basic like Senate Republicans at least show up for work.