Obama Gets Sweet Revenge On Republican Obstruction With Rising Approval Ratings

A series of polls are giving President Obama payback for years of Republican obstruction. At the exact time that Republicans were hoping to open the door to take back the White House, the American people are supporting the president at newly high levels.

The latest poll to show the continuing Obama surge comes from Gallup:


The President is at a net (+8) approval rating. 52% of Americans approve of the job that the President is doing, and 44% disapprove. The Gallup poll comes on the heels of an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that showed Obama’s approval rating jumping to a three-year high, “Fifty-one percent of registered voters say they approve of the job Obama is doing as president, compared to 46 percent who disapprove. The last time more than half of the electorate gave Obama a thumbs up in the poll was in January 2013, when Obama took the oath of office after his successful re-election campaign against Republican Mitt Romney.”

Republicans have obstructed President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. Republicans have spent years obstructing President Obama’s agenda. Mitch McConnell has done everything that he can think of to make this president look weak and ineffective, and the whole plan has backfired.

Barack Obama is riding a wave of popularity while Mitch McConnell is the most hated politician in the United States.

The American people are giving Obama the best revenge imaginable against the Republican obstructionists. They are setting the table for a Republican defeat in 2016.

President Obama has fought through unprecedented levels of obstruction and still gotten things done. The American people are showing appreciation for his efforts, but Obama’s sweetest revenge will come in November if Hillary Clinton is elected to be the next President Of The United States.