Trump Falls Apart And Defends Rooting For The Housing Crisis As Good For America

Trump claimed that rooting for 9 million people to lose their homes in a housing crisis is the kind of thinking that America needs. In other words, America needs a greedy billionaire running the government.

In a statement, Trump said:

What Trump doesn’t mention in the statement was that the good result only happened to for him and his rich friends. The bad situation happened to millions of Americans who lost their jobs, homes, and retirement savings because people like Donald Trump saw an opportunity to make themselves richer.

Contrary to what Trump suggested, this is exactly what America does not need. The United States Of America does not need a self-interested opportunist as president. The American people do not need a leader whose scope of thought consists of what is in it for him.

Trump’s statement proves that when he talks about making America great what he really means is that he wants to make the country great for rich people.

Trump’s rambling about creating jobs and making companies pay who take jobs out of the United States is a smokescreen. Donald Trump doesn’t care about the struggles of regular people. The only thing that the Republican nominee cares about is what’s in it for Trump.