Trump’s Refusal To Release His Tax Returns Just Became A Huge Problem For Republicans

Donald Trump claims that nobody cares about his tax returns, but a new poll found that 67% of Americans and 60% of Republicans, want Trump to release tax returns.

The Morning Consult poll revealed that America is against Trump’s stance on his tax returns, “But a new national survey by Morning Consult of 2,001 registered voters found that 67 percent – and 60 percent of Republicans – think presidential candidates should have to disclose their returns. Just one in five voters (21 percent) said they don’t think the financial documents should have to be released.”

The problem with Trump’s position on his tax returns is that he is wrong. For all of the criticism that Trump has thrown at Mitt Romney for losing in 2012, he is repeating one of Romney’s biggest mistakes. When Romney stalled and stonewalled on his tax returns, it fed into the perception that he was dishonest.

There is already ample proof that Donald Trump is dishonest. He has proven that the facts, truth, and his own words mean nothing to him, so by refusing to release his tax returns, Trump is confirming what voters already suspect. The issue is turning into a big problem for Republicans. Their nominee is hiding basic information about his personal finances and voters across the political spectrum don’t like it.

Donald Trump will drag down Republican candidates up and down the ballot from coast to coast if he continues to refuse to do engage in the minimum amount of disclosure that voters require from their presidential candidates. What Trump is hiding is probably personally damaging, but his refusal to release his tax returns is harming the party that he is leading.