Elizabeth Warren Just Shredded Trump And Brought The GOP Nominee To His Knees

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:01 pm

Elizabeth Warren followed up her speech that dismantled Donald Trump with a series of tweets this afternoon that left the billionaire fumbling for childish insult and blown completely out of the water.

In a series of tweets, Sen. Elizabeth Warren unloaded on Donald Trump this afternoon:

Warren also demanded answers from Trump:

Sen. Warren was not shying away from speaking the truth. Donald Trump appears to be a gullible idiot who believes every single lie that comes across conservative media. In other words, Donald Trump is a Republican.

Here is the dynamic of the 2016 election in a nutshell. Democrats are going to come after Trump hard, and the Republican nominee is going to respond like he is on an episode of The Apprentice. Trump’s childish insult are not having the same impact on Democrats that they had on Republicans during the primary.

Democrats, like Warren, shrug off Trump’s playground taunts and keep coming and coming and coming after the billionaire. Donald Trump has never faced anything like what Democrats are going to be throwing at him.

Over the last 24 hours, Warren has shredded Trump in a major speech and on Twitter. The Republican nominee’s response has proven her correct. Trump is an empty-headed, selfish, buffoon who is unfit to be president.

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