Hillary Clinton Stops Security From Kicking Shirtless Male Supporters Out Of Her Rally

While Donald Trump’s events have been marred by violence, Hillary Clinton’s rally featured topless male supporters one with a painted chest which the candidate prevented security from removing.



The men yelled to Clinton as security was about to remove them, “Hillary, they’re kicking us out because we don’t have our shirts on. They’re making us leave because we don’t have shirts on.”

Clinton responded, “Well, you know what? As long as they don’t take anything else off. You know, you gotta make split decisions that what leadership is all about. We are a big diverse country. OK, where was I? I gotta admit, it is a little distracting standing up here looking at them. So I’m gonna look over this way, and I’m gonna look over that way. I’m gonna look back there.”

Tone matters in a campaign, and it is moments like this one that show that Clinton is having fun while running for president. Compared to the ugliness and violence that stems outwards from Donald Trump to his audiences, Clinton’s events brighter and less intense. Former Sec. of State Clinton has been criticized for years for not showing enough personality, but compared to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is having a lighthearted good time out there.