The Media Turns Against Trump By Listing His Conspiracy Theories

CNN did what more media outlets need to do. The network showed a graphic and discussed some of Trump’s completely false conspiracy theories.


During a panel discussion on CNN’s New Day, the complaint offered that even when the press calls him out, Trump repeats these conspiracy theories over and over again.

CNN’s Brian Stelter said, “I think the best example of that was last fall. We saw that about six months ago and his statement about thousands of Muslims cheering in New Jersey on 9/11. No evidence of that, and lots of contrary evidence to prove it’s not true. And yet, when he was confronted by the facts, he did double down on that.”

CNN then showed a list of Trump conspiracy theories, and Stelter added, “I think the one at the top of this list is really important. The birther controversy from several years ago was the very first from Donald Trump. It was a preview of what was to come this year.”

Chris Cuomo pointed out that birtherism is one of the few things that Trump won’t talk about anymore, and he calls it old news.

Donald Trump has spent weeks on his Twitter account whining about how “unfair” CNN is to him. Trump spends days obsessing over his cable news coverage and angry tweeting at the networks about stories that he doesn’t like, but very slowly there is a shift taking place in some corners of the media.

Trump is starting to be treated less like a sideshow ratings grab, and more like a person who could be the next president. There are few things that will be more damaging to Donald Trump with the broader electorate than his conspiracy theories.

Republicans all use conspiracy theories while they are running for office because they appeal to their base voters who get information from the conservative media outlets that keep the conspiracy wheels spinning.

The conspiracies that Trump has trafficked in for years need to be examined as a part of his candidacy. It is heartening to see at least one program devote a segment to some of Donald Trump’s most outrageous lies.