Oops: Rush Limbaugh Admits Through Evasive Answer That The Boycotters Won

One fumbling and evasive non-answer to a caller was as good as an admission that the advertiser boycotters have defeated Rush Limbaugh.

Video and Transcript via Media Matters:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Mike in Washington D.C. let’s get started on the phones here. Great to have you here sir. Hello.

MIKE STARK: Hey Rush, just one second here, you caught me in the library and I didn’t think you were going to get through this hour. Ok I’m good I’m outside. Sorry, I apologize. I wanted to say that I’m reminded so much of the 90’s after this IG report. You know there are a lot of good reasons people wouldn’t want to cooperate that have nothing to do with guilt or innocence. Look at all the people in the 90’s that were bankrupted over legal fees. The cheapest way to avoid that, is to say nothing to the prosecutors, they don’t tell you what they’re investigating. You know knowledge of the law is no excuse. The cheapest thing to do is to just say nothing. I mean this is kind of like you not announcing the price of your next contract is a tacit admission that flush Rush got you bad man.

LIMBAUGH: I gather what you are talking about here is the — back to the Clinton scandals in the 90’s. I guess you are talking about tort reform somewhere in there.

Tort reform? That was the best cover that Limbaugh tried to use to get out of a comment from a listener about the fact that his business model is collapsing? Limbaugh has tried to handle the advertiser boycott by not talking about it on the air. It is interesting that instead bragging what his next contract might be, or how well his show is doing; Rush Limbaugh tried to change the subject as quickly as possible.

In years since his Sandra Fluke comments gave rise to the boycott, Limbaugh has been financially unharmed thanks to a guaranteed contract that he signed before the scandal destroyed his revenue generating potential. The real impact of the boycott will be visible in his next contract. Radio stations have been losing money thanks to the high carriage fees that they have to pay to carry Limbaugh. iHeart Radio (formerly Clear Channel) has been pushed to the brink of bankruptcy by the boycott. 

The bragging is gone. Limbaugh is a shell of what he used to be, and it is all possible because regular Americans came together to demand accountability from those who funded and profited off of Rush Limbaugh’s hate radio.