Bernie Sanders Helps Democrats Win Back The Senate By Fundraising For Russ Feingold

Bernie Sanders is doing his part to help Democrats take back the Senate by endorsing and fundraising for Wisconsin Senate candidate Russ Feingold.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders announced that he is both endorsing and fundraising for Russ Feingold, “We are going to have to elect candidates up and down the ballot who recognize that it is too late for establishment politics and economics. Candidates like my friend, former U.S. Sen. Russ Feingold. Russ led the fight with me to make the Affordable Care Act much stronger in 2009. He voted against the USA Patriot Act and the war in Iraq. He authored and passed landmark campaign finance reform legislation and his campaign is powered by small-dollar contributions like ours.”

Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver added, “Bernie has always said this movement is about something bigger than him. Electing more candidates like Russ Feingold means progressives in the Senate can ensure the debates in Washington put working families ahead of corporate profits.”

Feingold was one of the most liberal members of the Senate who was swept out of office in the Republican wave of 2010. He and Sanders have been political allies for years. If there was one man that Bernie Sanders would throw his fundraising weight behind, it’s Feingold. Sanders has now endorsed and fundraised for 13 Democratic candidates at all levels of government.

In cycles past, Sen. Sanders campaigned with and fundraised for Democrats. What makes 2016 different is that Sanders now the 900 lb. Gorilla of small political donations. Sen. Sanders has a massively successful online fundraising operation, and it is good to see his campaign putting that muscle into helping Democrats take back the Senate in 2016.

Feingold is currently leading Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in the polls, so a boost from Bernie could be the boost Democrats need towards ending Mitch McConnell’s time as Senate Majority Leader.