Progressive Group Hammers Trump For His Sexist Attack On Elizabeth Warren

Progressives, liberals, and Democrats are coming together to hammer Donald Trump for his sexist attacks on Elizabeth Warren.

Trump said of Warren, “She gets nothing done, nothing passed. She’s got a big mouth, and that’s about it. But they use her because Hillary’s trying to be very presidential. She’s stopping with the shouting, OK?”

Karine Jean-Pierre, national spokesperson and senior strategist for Political Action, responded to Trump’s new and very sexist attack On Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), “Here we go again. Another day, more offensive misogynistic and racist rhetoric from Donald Trump. On the day he officially became the presumptive nominee he used his bully pulpit – a term he is redefining in scary ways – to make offensive and inappropriate comments about Senator Elizabeth Warren. For all the talk about Trump becoming so-called ‘more presidential,’ all we have seen from him is a continuation of the hateful rhetoric that has been the hallmark of his campaign. While Trump has spent his career bankrupting companies and treating women terribly, Elizabeth Warren has spent her career taking on the corrupting influence Wall Street has on our government and fighting for working families. It is clear why Trump feels threatened by her.”

Donald Trump spends most of his time at his rallies and campaign events yelling, but nobody says, ‘Hey angry orange man with the baby hands, enough with the yelling.’ The fact that Warren has become a part of Trump’s stump speech means that she has gotten way under his skin.

Trump only has three lines of attack against his opponents. He will either go conspiracy theory, bigotry, or personal insult. Donald Trump is not a tough nut to crack. He doesn’t have any policy positions, so he never going to defend those. His word is meaningless, so what he believes today, he won’t believe tomorrow. Trump needs to be approached like the reality television star bully that he is.

Sen. Warren has Trump figured out. She doesn’t come after Trump with facts, numbers, and his own contradictory statements. Warren attacks the things that Trump’s ego values the most. Sen. Warren goes after his wealth, his business success, and his brand.

The MoveOn statement also demonstrates how the left is coming together to stop Donald Trump. A fractured Democratic Party is never going to happen because Donald Trump violates everything that the left stands for.