Sanders Requested Recanvass Fails To Change Results As Hillary Clinton Wins Kentucky

The Sanders requested recanvass of the Kentucky primary results has been completed, and Hillary Clinton remains the winner of the Kentucky primary.

WKYT in Lexington, KY reported:

A recanvass of the votes in Kentucky’s Democratic presidential primary started at 9 a.m. Thursday. At 1:00 p.m., Secretary of State Allison Lundergan Grimes said the recanvass resulted in no change in the election outcome.


Grimes’ office said county boards of elections rechecked and recanvassed the voting machines, per Kentucky law.

Daniel Lowry, Director of Communications for the Kentucky Democratic Party, says Clinton picked up 28 pledged delegates and Sanders gained 27 delegates from the Kentucky primary.

Fayette County election officials finished the recanvass in Lexington in 20 minutes and they didn’t find anything wrong.

Even if the recanvass had changed the results, it would not have mattered. A narrow Sanders win was not going to be enough to make a dent in Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead, but the recanvass was all about trying to create the public perception that Bernie Sanders is more electable than Clinton.

Bernie Sanders isn’t going to beat Hillary Clinton in the primary popular vote. Sanders is extremely unlikely to win 66% of the remaining delegates that are up for grabs. The Kentucky recanvass was all about the potential argument that Sanders hopes to make to Democratic superdelegates. Sanders is going to be asking superdelegates in states that Clinton won to ignore the popular vote and give the nomination to him.

The odds of this argument working are close to zero, but just like Hillary Clinton tried in 2008, Bernie Sanders has got to make an effort to flip the superdelegates in 2016 before he throws in the towel, but if he loses California, the argument will be over before it ever has a chance to start.