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Ted Nugent Says ‘Nothing more anti-American than the freaks that hate me’

Ted Nugent said Thursday that “There is nothing more anti-American than the freaks that hate me” and he wasn’t just going after Bernie Sanders, who he called “Bernie Mao Zedong Sanders,” but Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama too. “As the freaks hate me, I go, ‘Man, I really am right all the time.’”

According to radio host Joe Pags, we used to all have rights, you see. And now, apparently, we don’t. Because Republicans like to say and believe demonstrably false things. Like Nugent’s claim that despite tens of thousands of Americans dying while fighting communism, Bernie Sanders “wants to give it a shot.”

Well, we can’t expect the intellectually and morally challenged Nugent to recognize the difference between communism and socialism. It’s not like they’re entirely different ideologies. Oh wait. Yeah, that’s why they have their own political parties.

Sample Nugent’s nightmare thinking courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Nugent railed against what he called “sheer delirium” and calling feeling the Bern “offensive” and “criminal.” According to Nugent he is a victim of Southern Poverty Law Center and and MSNBC and Rachel Maddow and on and on and on because they accurately quote the things he says. He calls this accurate reporting “spewing hate.” That should tell him something about the things he says.

Nugent claimed “The NRA is not a gun lobby.” Yes. That’s right. You heard it from Ted first.

“The NRA is mom and pop family America who are standing up for the most fundamental instinct and God-given individual right.”

I think he thinks he’s talking about the right to bear arms, but he’s really talking about the right to be as stupid as he wants to be. For Nugent, America is all about “self-defense.” There is apparently nothing else of value in the United States Constitution.

And watch out, because Nugent says the only thing more dangerous than a “sow Grizzly bear with cubs is Ted Nugent with more confidence.”

Nugent also called transgender a mental illness and claimed with typical dishonesty, that “It opens the door to perverts and child molesters and rapists and sexual offenders.”

Because, you know, anything outside of ‘cat scratch fever’ is a gateway to the devil.

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