Bernie Sanders Turns Debate Stunt Into Perfect Argument For Why Trump Shouldn’t Be President

Bernie Sanders took Donald Trump’s flip-flop on debate him and turned into the perfect argument for why Trump is unfit to be president.


On CBS’ Face The Nation, Sen. Sanders said, “Look, Donald Trump said he wanted to go forward, then he changed his mind, said no, then he changed his mind and said yes, then he changed his mind and said no. Maybe we’ll get a call in five minutes and he’ll say yes again. I think that is who Donald Trump is, and I think the American people should be very concerned about somebody who keeps changing his mind not only on this debate but on virtually every issue he’s been asked about.”

Sanders is one-hundred percent spot on. The fact that Trump would agree to something then change his mind, then change his mind again in a span of hours gets to the heart of a problem that has recently been reported in the media. Donald Trump seems incapable of making a decision and is greatly influenced by the last person that he speaks to.

The New York Times recently reported on Trump’s management style, “But, as was the case with Mr. Wiley’s dismissal, Mr. Trump is reliant on information he garners himself, and can be swayed by the last person he talked to.”

The debacle surrounding the potential debate with Bernie Sanders confirms the Times report. Initially, the Trump campaign said that they were open to the idea because they thought it would be good publicity. Then Trump demanded $10 million to participate in the debate, but that was immediately followed up by Trump coming up with a new position which was that since he won the Republican primary, it would be inappropriate for him to debate the loser of the Democratic primary.

America doesn’t need a president who will change his mind based on the last person to get a word with him. Donald Trump is unfit for office. His inability to make a decision and stick to it demonstrates a weakness of character that is not befitting of a president.