Top Democrat Uses Math To Show Bernie Sanders That It’s All But Over


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) used basic math to show Bernie Sanders that Hillary Clinton will clinch the Democratic nomination before the polls even close in California.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

KARL: So, he’s suggesting that if that were to happen, that would be something that could sway a lot of the super delegates I assume he’s suggesting to support him instead of Hillary Clinton.

FEINSTEIN: Well, I would say I profoundly disagree. I believe that she needs effectively 73 more delegates. She will have that after the election in New Jersey before the polls close in California.

KARL: So, you have a new poll in California that shows this race is a dead heat.

Hillary Clinton is even spending six figures on advertising in the Democratic primary. Is Bernie Sanders doing damage to Hillary Clinton, hurting her chances against Donald Trump by fighting this hard, this long?

FEINSTEIN: Well, I — if Bernie — look, as has been said, Bernie — Senator Sanders — has the right to run no question. He ought to be able to read the signposts as well as anybody else. And if he did that he would know that it’s all but over.

So, the question comes, you know, why doesn’t he do those things, which bring all Democrats together so that we can have a convention that’s positive, not negative, so that we can have a platform that all this great wide, broad-based party can say, “This is my platform. I am proud of it.” And the Democrats together can march to victory in November.

I know the passion of a campaign; I know when you’re in it and you just keep go, go, go until the last hour is there. Well, the last hour is close by. It would be, I think, a very positive gesture for reconciliation if Senator Sanders were to consider putting his campaign in the very real perspective that it’s in and doing those things that can bring the party together.

Sen. Sanders owes it to his millions of small donors to fight for every single delegate, but even if he pulled out a small victory in California, it wouldn’t change the result. Former Sec. of State Clinton is going to lock up the nomination with a big win in New Jersey. The Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Hillary Clinton with an eight-point lead on Sen. Sanders in California. Even the poll that Jon Karl touted above as a dead heat showed Clinton leading by 2 points.

Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee. There is no data suggesting that the massive win that Sanders needs to overtake Clinton in pledged delegates is happening.

That’s not bias talking. It’s math and polling data. Sen. Sanders only has hope, while the data suggests that sometime right after the polls close in New Jersey, Hillary Clinton will become the presumptive Democratic nominee.