While Donald Trump Uses Veterans As Pawns, Hillary Clinton Has Actual Plans

Much of the media attention lately has been on Donald Trump’s alleged donations to veterans groups and whether they were only made so Trump could score political points. In any case, the press coverage does nothing to advance the discussion about how either of the two likely nominees plans to help veterans if they become president.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton hoped to shift attention from Trump’s bluster to how she has helped veterans throughout her career and how she plans to work for them as president:

Clinton’s post was perfectly timed as Trump focuses his campaign on hollow lip service to veterans without offering concrete ways he plans to help them – other than saying a Trump presidency would the best thing in history for the U.S. military, of course.

As a U.S. Senator, Clinton worked in a bipartisan way to help veterans, whether it was expanding health care services, building rehabilitation centers for wounded warriors or helping the family members of wounded warriors.

Trump continues to ask what the former Secretary of State has ever done for veterans, and the answers are pretty clear.

But beyond her past achievements she also has something that the spray-tanned billionaire certainly doesn’t: substantive policy proposals that will make a real difference for those who bravely fought (and continue to fight for) the country.

Things like overhauling the VA, modernizing veterans’ benefits and helping those who served to find jobs when they come home can make a much bigger long-term impact on veterans than Trump’s forced donations.

It is definitely important to scrutinize Trump and the way he is using American veterans as pawns, but it’s also critical to know how the next president will help those who put their lives on the line for us.

Hillary Clinton is right to shift our focus in that direction.