Hillary Clinton Storms CNN And Crushes Trump’s Puny $5 Million Donation To Vets

Hillary Clinton crushed Donald Trump’s tiny donation to vets by pointing out that she has not only raised money for vets but has taken real action that is worth tens of millions of dollars in benefits for veterans and their families.

When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper if she has given money to vets, and what she has done for veterans, Clinton answered:

Well, I, of course, have given money to veterans charities, and John McCain and I actually helped to raise funding for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund at Brooke Army Medical Center to build a rehabilitation facility for veterans to get the very best world-class rehabilitation services.

I’ve also worked starting as First Lady to deal with some of the problems veterans had, whether it was Agent Orange or whether it was the mysterious illnesses they were bringing back from the Gulf War. I worked as a Senator on the Armed Services Committee on many things. For example, increasing death benefits for families of the fallen from just $12,000 to $100,000, and I worked with Sen. Lindsey Graham to expand healthcare to National Guard and Reserve members, so much of the work I’ve done has meant tens of millions of dollars in increased benefits to veterans and their families as well as a personal commitment.

When compared to a career that has been spent making life better for veterans and their families, Donald Trump’s little donation seems like an afterthought. The only reason Trump held his “fundraiser” was that he was trying to upstage a Republican presidential debate that he was not participating in. Donald Trump has never shown a commitment to veterans, and his lack of commitment was made obvious by the fact that the media had to hound him into donating the money.

The point that Clinton was making is that her decades of work on behalf of veterans and their families is worth more than Donald Trump’s self-serving motivation for cutting a few dozen checks. Trump never cared about vets before he needed a gimmick on debate night, and his idea of helping seems to be to write a check and walk away.

There will only be one presidential candidate on the ballot in November who has actually been there for America’s vets, and Hillary Clinton’s record puts Trump’s fake concern for the problems our veterans face to shame.