New Poll Shows A Close Race In California With Clinton Leading Sanders 49%-47%

Another day means another conflicting poll of the Democratic primary in California as the NBC News/Marist Poll found that Hillary Clinton is leading Bernie Sanders 49%-47%.

According to NBC News:
Clinton gets support from 49 percent of likely Democratic primary voters in the state, while Sanders gets 47 percent, which is within the survey’s margin of error.

Among a wider electorate of all potential Democratic voters in California, Sanders is ahead by one point, 48 percent to 47 percent.

Clinton and Sanders running even in California wouldn’t affect the overall delegate math in the Democratic race, where Clinton leads Sanders by some 270 pledged delegates and 770 overall delegates. (A tied race would essentially split the state’s 475 pledged delegates right down the middle under the Democrats’ proportional allocation system.)

The California polling has been all over the place. The only consistency in the numbers has been that Hillary Clinton is leading. How much Clinton is leading by ranges from 2-13 points depending on which poll is being examined.

If Clinton wins, it will give Democrats who want Bernie Sanders to get officially out of the race leverage to ask him to gracefully end his campaign before the Democratic convention. A Sanders victory would mean that his campaign would likely keep on fighting until Clinton is nominated at the convention.

California will give viewers some entertaining television and add a bit of intrigue to what is expected to be the night that Hillary Clinton clinches the nomination after winning New Jersey.