One Sentence In Trump University Docs Reveals Trump’s Strategy For Scamming Voters

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 07:02 pm

One sentence in the Trump University documents revealed that Donald Trump is trying to pull the same scam on voters that he pulled on Trump University students.

The New York Times reported:
Within the documents made public Tuesday were internal employee guides encouraging customers with little money to pay for the tuition with their credit cards. “We teach the technique of using OPM … Other People’s Money,” explained the internal instructions for salespeople. The documents pushed employees to exploit the emotions of potential customers. “Let them know you’ve found an answer to their problems,” read confidential instructions to salespeople.

The most striking documents were written testimony from former employees of Trump University who said they had become disenchanted with the university’s tactics and culture. Corrine Sommer, an event manager, recounted how colleagues encouraged students to open up as many credit cards as possible to pay for classes that many of them could not afford.

The key to Trump’s whole scam is the sentence, “Let them know you’ve found an answer to their problems.” Trump understood that the Republican problem was not winning, so he sold himself to them as the candidate that will win.

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For Republicans who blame their problems on immigrants, Trump is offering to be their solution by building a wall and deporting immigrants. Worried about terrorism? Trump has the answer in banning Muslims. Lost your job? Trump has the answer with a tariff that will prevent jobs from going overseas.

Just like with Trump University, the real goal isn’t to solve the problem.

Trump is only out to convince people that he has a solution to the problem because the only person who is ever meant to win in any of Trump’s scams is Donald Trump.

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