Trump Vows To Commit Massive Fraud Against The American People If He Wins White House

Donald Trump is facing lawsuits in the two biggest states in the country over Trump University, which is why Trump is vowing to reopen the fraud known as Trump U if he wins the White House.

Trump is promising to commit fraud against the American people if he is elected president:

Donald Trump is promising that if he wins the fraud cases against him, he won’t, but if he does, he will reopen Trump University.

What we are witnessing is a major political party’s presidential nomination saying in writing that he plans to commit fraud against the American people.

The ethics of the President Of The United States running a fake for-profit university that scams innocent people for his own personal financial gain are mind boggling. Trump has no moral compass, so it would surprise no one if he used his presidency for personal profit and gain.

Trump isn’t shy about his plans. If he wins the White House, he is going to commit fraud on a massive scale. Trump won’t be working for the American people. He’ll be looking to make a buck off of the American people.