Here’s The Biggest Sign Yet That Elizabeth Warren Could Be Selected As Clinton’s VP

The fact that Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is actively investigating scenarios to fill Elizabeth Warren’s Senate seat is the biggest sign yet that she could be chosen as Hillary Clinton’s running mate.
The Boston Globe reported:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has been actively reviewing Massachusetts rules for filling a US Senate vacancy, another indication of the seriousness with which Democrats are gaming out the possibility of Elizabeth Warren joining likely presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s ticket.

The upshot of Reid’s review is that Senate Democrats may have found an avenue to block or at least narrow GOP Governor Charlie Baker’s ability to name a temporary replacement and prevent the Senate from flipping to a Democratic majority if Warren were to leave the chamber. That suggests the issue is not as significant an obstacle as Reid previously feared.

There is a strong suspicion that Harry Reid knows the names on Hillary Clinton’s VP shortlist, which is why he may be game planning in case Sen. Warren is chosen to join the ticket. Elizabeth Warren would be a great addition to the Democratic ticket.

Warren has already demonstrated an unrelenting talent for driving Donald Trump insane. Warren is so far under Trump’s skin that he feels compelled to discuss her in his stump speech. It would be fun to watch Clinton and Warren on the campaign trail together taking apart the Republican Party.

Whether or not Clinton would choose Warren is up for debate, but the possibility is realistic enough that Democrats have begun planning in case it happens. While Republicans are confronting the nightmare of Trump, Democrats are entertaining the possibility of a Clinton/Warren dream ticket that could challenge the conventional wisdom and change the face of American politics.