Donald Trump Deserves All Of The Blame For San Jose Rally Protester Violence

Donald Trump is looking to create violence with his rhetoric, and the violent anti-Trump protests in San Jose gave the presumptive Republican nominee exactly what he wanted.

Here is a Trump supporter being hit with water bottles and eggs:

Here are punches being thrown:

More fighting:

NBC Bay Area described the scene, “Donald Trump supporters leaving the presumptive GOP nominee’s rally in San Jose on Thursday were pounced by protesters, some of whom threw punches and eggs. The protesters chased and taunted Trump’s supporters outside the San Jose Convention Center. They surrounded one woman and threw eggs and bottles at her.”

The Clinton campaign has condemned the violence:

Donald Trump wants to portray his opponents and violent thugs and scenes like San Jose allow Trump to avoid responsibility for the climate that he has created that encourages violence.

Trump is calling the protesters thugs:

Violence follows Donald Trump because he his hateful campaign encourages division and anger. It is up to those who protest Trump not to give him what he wants. The best way to get even with Donald Trump is to register as many people as you can to vote and cast your ballot against him on Election Day.

There is only one person to blame for the violence, and that is Donald Trump.