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Rachel Maddow Exposes How Hillary Clinton Destroys Trump In Ways Republicans Couldn’t

Rachel Maddow pointed out how Hillary Clinton took apart Donald Trump in a way that no other candidate has been able to do.


Maddow said of Clinton quoting Trump directly in her speech, “This speech today was the best speech yet of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. In part, because I think she likes pressing her case on national security issues for one. But also because it is just rhetorically deadly to be able to take your opponent’s record, not embellish it, not dress it up, not make it seem worse than it is, not round up to the nearest funny thing about it. Just take it as it is, string it together word for word literally, let it speak for itself, and let people respond. It’s hard to do, but when it works, it’s politically deadly.”

The MSNBC host concluded, “If it is a presidential race, then Hillary Clinton really did just step up her campaign significantly, and she did it by tacking him to the wall with his own unadorned statements. It’s really hard to do that in politics, but she did it today over and over and over again. And that kind of assault from a candidate is hard to rebut and hard to beat.”

Hillary Clinton showed that she was a better politician than any of Trump’s primary opponents. The Clinton campaign also revealed that they are superior strategists than the Trump campaign. The reason why Republicans were never able to stop Trump during the primary was that they kept getting drawn into Donald’s world of insults and barbs.

None of the Republican candidates possessed the political skill needed to take Trump’s words and properly use them against him because they were terrified of alienating Trump’s supporters who they are thought that they would need in a general election.

Hillary Clinton is destroying Trump in ways that Republicans couldn’t because she has skills that Trump’s previous opponents lack. Clinton has the credibility that comes with decades on the national political scene combined with a steel backbone and a sharp ability to attack.

Donald Trump isn’t going to unnerve Hillary Clinton, or throw her off her game. Because she is contesting the election on her terms, she can do things against Trump that his Republican opponents could only dream of.

As Maddow pointed out, Trump has a big problem, and if he ignores it, Hillary Clinton will define him to point where the election will be over before it even starts.

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