Hillary Clinton Turns The Tables As Trump Threat Against Her Completely Backfires

After Trump had tried to threaten Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee turned the tables on the Republican and unleashed a blistering questioning of his credibility that resulted in Trump’s effort backfiring.


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Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: As you know, he said several times over the last few days that he thinks you should be going to jail over the e-mail issues and on “Face the Nation” he’s just given an interview to John Dickerson, where he said he would look at this when he becomes president. Listen.


TRUMP: I would have my attorney general look at it because everyone knows that she’s guilty. Now I would say this, she’s guilty but I would let my attorney general make that determination. Maybe they would disagree.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Your response?

CLINTON: Well, it’s a typical Trumpism. And I don’t have any response, you know; when he attacks me, I am not going to respond.

But I think it is in keeping with his very vicious public attack against the judge, the federal judge, who is hearing the case against so-called Trump University, a judge who has an impeccable record as a prosecutor, who actually spent, as I’m told, nearly a year in hiding because of threats from criminal drug cartels against his life, who was appointed first by the Republican governor of California, Governor Schwarzenegger, then appointed by a Democratic president, President Obama, because of his extraordinary legal record.

And what Trump is doing is trying to divert attention from the very serious fraud charges against Trump University, that have basically been confirmed by some of the highest officials who worked with him.

So this is typical. He does have that thin skin and, you know, Judge Cureil is as American as I am and certainly as American as Donald Trump is. And Trump’s continuing ethnic slurs and rants against everyone, including a distinguished federal judge, I think makes my point rather conclusively.

Donald Trump is playing in the big leagues now. His stupid nicknames aren’t working. His childish insults are failing, and his tabloid techniques are being ignored. Since everything else has failed, Trump has turned to making outrageous threats.

Hillary Clinton is so skilled that she was able to take Trump’s threat, and use it to expose the Republican nominee’s bigotry, fraud, and lack of character.

Donald Trump isn’t going to be able to bully Hillary Clinton. It is Clinton who is defining a Republican candidate who has failed to adjust, and is sticking to what worked for him in the primary.

By not letting him set the tone for the race, Hillary Clinton is completely turning the tables on Donald Trump.