Paul Ryan Wants A Racist President If He’ll Ravage the Poor and Elderly

*The following is an opinion column by R Muse*

It is a sad fact in 21st Century America, but there are a significant number of the population that desperately wants a blatant racist sitting in the Oval Office. Oh, it is true there are some Americans who are appalled at any form of bigotry, especially racial bigotry, but their voices are being drowned out by the constant clarion call from the right to “make America white” at all costs. Although Republicans are generally racists according to their past and present statements and dog whistle politics, their warm embrace of Donald Trump informs that they seriously want a bigot as president.


The highest ranking Republican in the nation, House Speaker and Ayn Rand disciple Paul Ryan, recently revealed that he will help elect and readily accepts the idea of a racist president solely because he will assist congressional Republicans in advancing their conservative anti-government agenda. Obviously, Ryan wants a racist president because he knows Donald Trump will help congressional Republicans eviscerate Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act, food stamps, and aid to children and the elderly. And, a racist president will give the richest Americans greater tax cuts at the rest of the nation’s expense; a goal Republicans have sought to achieve for decades..

During an interview with a Milwaukee radio show host, Speaker of the House Ryan said that Donald Trump’s nasty racist “comments about the judge the other day just was out of left field,” and that he “completely disagrees with the thinking behind that.” According to Ryan, just because the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency attacked a sitting federal judge and cast doubts as to whether he will ever respect the rule of law if he is elected is “no reason to vote for a Democrat.”


Ryan was commenting on Trump’s three-month racist attacks on Federal District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel his claim that the Judge “must remove himselfbecause he is “of Mexican Heritage” is not the right attitude, but he will still help Trump get elected and vote for a blatant racist. A racist, by the way, that agrees with Paul Ryan that the morally upright thing to do, among many other morally upright things, is gut Social Security as well as advance a conservative agenda the effectively targets over half the population for destitution.

Ryan took the time to explain why having an inept reality show celebrity who is also a rank racist as president is so crucial to Republicans and the Koch brothers’ libertarian agenda. He said,

If you want to get rid of Obamacare you need to pass a new law that the president must sign. We need a partner in the White House to help us advance these bills that we’ve been passing — these conservative reforms that we want to get in law.”


It is important to reiterate that in Republican parlance “reform” is synonymous with “entirely eliminate” programs like Medicare, Medicaid, “Obamacare,” TANF (food stamps), and aid to mothers, children, Veterans and the elderly; the people Ryan parrots his demigod Ayn Rand’s label as “takers.”

Of course, that desperately-needed willing partner Ryan supports is racist Donald Trump. In fact, in describing that ‘willing partner’ Ryan said “It is clear to me that we have somebody who is a willing partner in advancing the conservative legislative agenda. I know for darn sure Hillary Clinton is going to go in the opposite direction.” Ryan knows Trump will be that “willing partner” because they already had a one-to-one meeting where Trump assured Ryan that his moral compass is exactly the same, and twisted, as establishment Republicans who want social and domestic programs eliminated to fund tax cuts for the rich and corporations.

Even though Ryan only noted getting rid of the healthcare reform law that insures millions of Americans, his so-called “conservative reforms” include much more than eliminating all of President Obama’s legislative achievements. For example, while Republicans led by Ryan have sought to make extremely harsh cuts to Medicaid and food stamps, Ryan’s own “signature proposal” is eliminating Medicare in its entirety and replacing it with a coupon; a coupon that will amount to a 76-percent increase in medical costs to senior citizens and the disabled.  It is a plan that “self-identifiedRepublicans oppose by a 2 to 1 margin, but that is of no consequence to the Koch brothers’ libertarian agenda and why Paul Ryan wants a racist in the White House who will “help advance the conservative agenda.”

As if Americans needed any other reason to oppose Republicans and their “nasty conservative agenda,” the fact that the highest ranking Republican wants a blatant racist, hard-core nativist, and threat to national security and the world in the White House to take healthcare, food, retirement, and assistance to the poor should seal the deal. However, and this is the pathetic state of America’s population, it is more than likely that each and every Republican voter and Trump supporter wants to impoverish more Americans just as much as they want to vanquish people of color from the nation. It is possible Paul Ryan is not an avid nativist, but he is a Republican and the fact that he wants a racist to advance his conservative agenda exposes him as bad of a human being as Donald Trump.