Trump Bombs On CNN And CBS After Networks Use Interviews To Call Out His Lies

Donald Trump’s appearances on CNN’s State Of The Union and CBS’s Face The Nation were total disasters for the presumptive Republican nominee after both networks used the interviews to call out his lies.

Video of Trump on CNN’s State Of The Union:

The trouble began for Trump after he repeated his claim that he always opposed the Iraq war.

Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

TAPPER: Can I just say one point on that? I have looked so long and hard for any evidence of you…

TRUMP: I will give it to you. 2004, they had newspaper articles.

TAPPER: But — but — right, but the war started in 2003.

TRUMP: It did.

And — but you know what? You look at — I did an interview with Howard. And that interview was the first time I was ever asked the question. Don’t forget, I was an entrepreneur. I’m a real estate person, asked me the question.

TAPPER: But didn’t you — didn’t you say to Howard that you thought it was a good idea?

TRUMP: No, I — this was before the war started, long before the war started.

TAPPER: Right. TRUMP: And it was a very like, well, I don’t know. First, nobody

ever asked me the question.

You know, when you’re doing what I did, nobody was talking about a lot of the questions that you ask me today. And I was — I sort of said, like, well, I don’t know, maybe — I don’t know.

By the time that started, I was totally against it. And from 2004 on, there’s a lot of proof of that, because, as you know, there was articles in magazines.


TRUMP: There was a lot of articles.

TAPPER: Yes, a year after the war started.

Things weren’t any better for Trump on CBS’s Face The Nation where host John Dickerson called out Trump’s lie about opposing intervention in Libya.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: Let me ask you about Libya. You have been highly critical of Libya and Hillary Clinton. You were also for military action to oust Gadhafi and military action to take care of humanitarian situation in Libya. You supported that.

TRUMP: When you say supported it, I supported Libya?

DICKERSON: Yes, you supported intervention in Libya.

TRUMP: I did? Where do you see that?

DICKERSON: In a video blog from 2011, you said:


TRUMP: Now, we should go in. We should stop this guy, which would be very easy and very quick. We could do it surgically, stop him from doing it and save these lives.


TRUMP: That`s a big difference from what we`re talking about.

DICKERSON: But you were for intervention.


TRUMP: Again, I`m only one. I made lot of money with Gadhafi. If you remember, he came to country and he had to make a deal with me because he needed a place to stay, and he paid me a fortune, never got to stay there. And it became sort of a big joke.

But fact is that Libya was a disaster from standpoint of way it was handled.

DICKERSON: But you were for intervention, just to clear that up?

TRUMP: I was for doing something, but I wasn`t for what you have right now.


DICKERSON: This is one of things that confuses some people about your positions. You said you weren`t for intervention, but you were for intervention in Libya.

TRUMP: I didn`t mind surgical. And I said surgical. You do a surgical shot and you take them out.

But I wasn`t for what happened. Look at way it`s — look at — with Benghazi and with all of problems that you have had. It was handled horribly.


DICKERSON: But you said you were never for intervention.

TRUMP: I was never for a strong intervention. I could have seen surgical, where you take out Gadhafi and his group.

It used to be rare for the media to fact check Trump in real time on any show, but a week after his press conference where he attacked the press, it happened twice on the same day. What happens when the press sits Trump down and calls him out on his lies and contradictions is that the Republican gets exposed.

Some members of the mainstream press aren’t allowing themselves to be steamrolled anymore, and the result is that Donald Trump is bombing in these interviews. Trump immediately goes on the defensive when challenged, and he can’t hold up to the slightest bit of scrutiny. The press is finally starting to figure out that Donald Trump is a paper tiger, and the free ride is over for the soon to be Republican nominee.