Trump Threatens To Throw Hillary Clinton In Prison If He Wins The White House


Donald Trump is suggesting that if he wins the presidential election, he is going to imprison Hillary Clinton, because, “everyone knows she’s guilty.”

During an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation, Trump said, “I would have my attorney general look at it because everyone knows that she’s guilty. Now I would say this, she’s guilty but I would let my attorney general make that determination. Maybe they would disagree.”

Trump would have his attorney general look at it, but everyone knows she’s guilty suggest some North Korea style “justice,” will be coming Hillary Clinton’s way if Trump wins the election. These are the kinds of statements that confirm that Trump doesn’t want to be president. He wants to be a dictator.


Presidents do not interfere with investigations by publicly proclaiming guilt and innocence. Does anyone think that Attorney General Ted Cruz, for example, would go against Donald Trump? A Trump cabinet will be full of know-nothings and yes people. Donald Trump isn’t going to surround himself with competent people with an interest in governing.

The fact that Trump would entertain the idea of bringing criminal charges against his opponent in the presidential election after he wins shows that the United States will become a third rate banana republic overnight if Donald Trump is the next president.